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Upcoming Events

Please call the office to schedule yourself for any workshop or private reading.                                                                     757-622-5070
The Reverend Lelia Cutler has expanded her Monday night development class to every Monday night and added new material to educate and offer new experiences to her students.  Please consider joining us for this new adventure, as we strive to develop our own communication with spirit, bringing messages of comfort and hope to everyone. 
Our Monthly Psychic Fair will be on Saturday August 13th from 1 pm to 4 pm.  Please come join us for readings from spirit. It's a wonderful time to receive messages and feel all the love and possibilities that surrounds us.
We have been able to save our stained glass windows, and the work is under way. We thank every single person that contributed to our repair fund, your generosity has been phenomenal and we truly appreciate every one of you and all that you've given.  
Sadly, we now have a very large section of ceiling that has fallen and has been temporarily repaired. Now we need to raise money to repair that. We are offering the same incentives for the ceiling as we did for the windows: 
for $20 donation you'll receive a beautiful certificate naming you as a shareholder in this work.
for $100 donation you'll receive a full reading from one of our mediums.
for $500 your name will be added to a plaque on the wall near the windows.
Please consider helping us save our ceiling with your with your donation.
Further, please don't forget our regular general fund. We still need money coming into that to pay our monthly bills.




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