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Upcoming Events

Ron Pappalardo is coming to MSC at the end of this month.  Don't miss him!
   Ron is a noted author and psychic medium who will offer several workshops, lecture at the Sunday morning service and give private readings.
Friday 03/27/15   7:30 to 9:00 pm   $10 donation for the workshop
                             "What happens to suicides when they die" 
Saturday 03/28/15   9:30 -4:30 pm   $45 donation for the workshop
                                 "A crash course in Modern Spiritualism"
                                 a facinating day with combinations of learning and hands on
                                 exercises to discover your own spiritual gifts
Sunday 03/29/15  2:00 - 5:00 pm   $20 donation for the workshop
                              "Spiritual phenomena in American History"
                               discover the spiritual significance behind the founding of our country
                          ** Please note that the times for this workshop are 2-5 pm, not 1-4 as 
                               indicated on the calendar**
Please call the office to schedule yourself for any of the workshops or a private reading from Ron
Our 76th anniversary is coming soon.  Please check your calendar or this web page for the particulars. We're planning a lovely dinner with members old and new. 
Please try to be there and celebrate this special time with us.




Animal Workshop by Lori Vingelis
To be rescheduled 
Don't miss this wonderful workshop 
Donation $25

Bring a picture of an animal loved one from your life for an exercise.




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