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Upcoming Events

Please call the office to schedule yourself for any workshop or private reading.                                                                     757-622-5070
Reverend Deirdre O'Hare will be visiting MSC this month. Please plan on coming out to hear our newly ordained friend speak. Deirdre is from the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in Falls Church. She has visited us before and we look forward to her return on the 12th.  
Our book sale will begin August 1st, so bring out any books that you'd like to give away for our fund raiser. Our general fund is badly in need of some funds, so bring your books and by all means stay to see all that there is to offer. You can pick up a few new books for your library as well as bring in those you have already read.  Please join us in trying to build the church funds.
Carylanne is coming to MSC in August. Please keep an eye on the calendar for her. Carylanne began her holistic training at the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy in 1994, which prompted her to re-direct her life and focus on her spiritual journey, health and healing. She is a Reiki practitioner, an ordained minister, a certified hypnotherapist, a licensed esthetician, a lifestyle coach, spiritual mentor, teacher and practitioner of the Raindrop Technique. 
     Please join us to hear Carylanne speak on Mindfulness. 




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