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Upcoming Events

 Working with Animals Workshop with Lori Vengelis
    Saturday   May 2nd 
      1 pm to 4 pm
 Lori Vengelis will help us find our power animal and learn the different meanings of animals in different cultures. We will learn about receiving animals in readings and how to communicate with them. 
     Please bring a picture of your pet.
     $25 donation
Please call the office to schedule yourself for any workshop.                                                                     757-622-5070
May 9th is our monthly Psychic Fair  1 pm to 4 pm 
   76th Anniversary Dinner                                
        May 16th at 6 pm 
   Mom and Pop's Family Restaurant 
   331 East Bayview Blvd
   Norfolk, VA
Please join us and help celebrate this special time with
us.   If you would like to attend, please contact Lelia or Teri for the menu and information.
Gretchen Clark is coming to MSC         






Gretchen is a fifth generation Spiritualist and resident of Lily Dale NY since 1976. She is
a NSAC certified medium,  a Reiki master, and spiritual healer. 
   Gretchen is internationally known as a medium, lecturer and workshop leader. She'll be serving the church from Wed 05/13 until Sunday 05/17.
Wednesday 05/13  @7:30 pm   Gretchen will do an evening of clairvoyance.  
Thurs and Friday   Gretchen will be available for private readings.  Pls call the church to schedule.
Friday 05/15   @ 7:30 pm   Gretchen will offer a message circle for a $20 donation.
Saturday 05/16  from 1pm to 4 pm  Gretchen will offer a workshop on Mediumship for
a $40 donation
Sunday 05/17  Gretchen will serve the church as lecturer
Please plan on coming out and seeing this wonderful healer and teacher.
We're looking for people who want to help at our exhibit table at the Afterlife Awareness Conference in May at the Sheraton Waterside.
    If you are interested, pls call the church or let Lelia or Lynn know.




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