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Auras and Auragraphs Workshop

with Rev. Stacy Kopchinski

Saturday, September 17 –  1:00 – 5:00 PM

What does energy look like? What do we look like energetically? How do we see energetically? How does color play into energy? What does color mean? In this workshop we will dive into the great world of color and energy.

Learn what an aura is, how they look, and what they mean. Define the meaning of color for you and learn how to use color for readings, inspiration, and art. Spirit guides and the universe are always trying to inspire and help us lead a fulfilling life experience. In this class we will talk about the ways spirit can help us and others on their journey through art. We will learn about soul portraits. Soul portraits are your spiritual soul captured in art; your real, higher self, and can give you hope, inspiration, courage, and so much more as it reminds you of the wonderful divine spark being you truly are.

We will use artists' media to put to paper the color we see; the shape and movement of the color, and the meaning when they join together in an art work form.

NO ARTISTIC TALENT needed. Fun and creative class for all experience levels. All supplies are included.

To participate in this Workshop:
1. Go to and/or come in person on the day of the event and pay $30.
2. Email your receipt to This can either be the receipt you receive in your email or you can copy and paste the confirmation from PayPal.
3. See you on Saturday the 17th!
If you need any help with making your payment, email
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