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Nikki Spears

Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Nikki Spears is a medical Intuitive healer who works with a spirit team of doctors to heal clients. The spirits work through her and are able to start healing the client by finding the root cause of their ailment and healing it. As they work on the client, Nikki is given information about the client intuitively and mediumistic and also psychic information that can be passed on. The client can then play an active part in their own healing.

Nikki can also have the spirit Doctors mirror in her own body what is going on in the clients. This helps her to understand what is happening in the client's body and to guide them towards healing. She does not diagnose but can assist with healing and can work with your doctors plan of care. Medical intuitive healing works on energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical problems. All 4 are connected and need healing at times. Let her assist you on your healing journey!

Nikki Spears is the Music Coordinator for the Memorial Spiritualist Church.

She has enhanced the music experience by introducing new technology. As well as

updating the music weekly with a combination of both current day music and older classic selections. 

To further assist the congregation with the music she has the lyrics displayed on a large screen while the music is played through a speaker for everyone to sing along with. 

Contact Info: 

757-622-5070 Church

Nikki Spears
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