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Nikki Spears

Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Nikki is a Medium trained by the International Spiritualist Federation and Tracey Escobar – The Red Couch Medium.  She has completed many rigorous courses and training   in Mediumship. She is known for channeling inspirational messages at the end of her readings.  Her goal is to heal through Mediumship.


Nikki also sits a weekly Trance Mediumship Circle, as well as runs her own weekly Physical Mediumship Circle.  She has studied Trance and Physical under the International Spiritualist Federation, Lou Ann Beecher, Rosemary Calderalo & under Warren Caylor.  Her mentor has been Rev Rosemary Calderalo. 

She continues to develop her gifts and practices mediumship daily. 

Nikki Spears is the Music Coordinator for the Memorial Spiritualist Church.

She has enhanced the music experience by introducing new technology. As well as

updating the music weekly with a combination of both current day music and older classic selections. 

To further assist the congregation with the music she has the lyrics displayed on a large screen while the music is played through a speaker for everyone to sing along with. 

Contact Info: 

757-622-5070 Church

Nikki Spears
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