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Marrice Coverson



The Memorial Spiritualist Church

September 27, 2020

via Zoom


Marrice Coverson.jpg

The Reverend Marrice Coverson is the Pastor of the Church of the Spirit in Chicago -- the first female and African American to hold that position. Rev. Coverson is also the first African American since 1924 to hold a Trustee position on the Board of Directors of National Spiritualist Association (NSAC) of Church’s Board of Directors. She also has served as President of the NSAC Illinois Chapter. 

Marrice Coverson is also the Founder of the Institute for Positive Living and the Executive Director of the Open Book Program, a citywide, after-school literacy initiative for adolescents. Ms. Coverson holds a BA in Sociology from Mississippi Valley State University and a MA in Public Administration from Roosevelt University. She has a MA in Theology at the Chicago Theological Seminary.

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