We'll relax and slowly travel back through our childhood, allowing the worries of the day to fade and become open to old thoughts, experiences and fears.

Any major event that has caused us difficulty and continues to drive our current behavior can be identified, isolated and removed.

Then we can fill that empty space with healing white light and move on with more strength and hope.


Healing your Inner Child Through


By Rev Lynn Streeper

      September 17th 12:30pm- 1:30 pm

              $10 Donation

Rev Lynn Streeper

Certified Hypnotherapist

Rev Lynn Streeper is a certified Hypnotherapist and has had great success in helping others achieve healing and add focus to their lives.

Lynn Streeper has been an RN for 45 yrs and studied hypnosis with Lynn Sparrow-Christy and Dr John Mein 17 years ago.  We are Lucky to have her!

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