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Middle Pillar Breathwork and Meditation

April 11, 2024

6:30 PM

Middle Pillar Breathwork and Meditation
Brien Egan

$10 or $80 for all 8 classes

This course has 8 meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, starting:
Feb. 8th and Feb. 22nd,
March 14th and March 28th,
April 11th and April 25th,
May 9th and May 23rd
The cost for all 8 classes is 80 dollars.

Innerstanding the Rosy Cross Breathwork and Middle Pillar Meditation for Grounding and Stability Introduction to Magickal Practices Course offered through the Ascenzion Magick School Prepared and presented by Maestro Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM.
This course will give you a deeper innerstanding of and the ability use the Rosy Cross Breathwork and Middle Pillar Meditation to connect to your highest self and ground you into the moment.
This is the beginning introduction to using breathwork for healing and magickal work. We will do this by getting a deep innerstanding of the processes and history of the practices across different cultures and religions and then by using the Rosy (Rosicrucian) Cross Breathwork and Middle Pillar Meditation to connect to your highest self and ground you into the moment. The course focuses on learning about and then using the power of breath, visualization, sound with vibrational toning, and intention to connect you to your highest self and to bring you into alignment with source.
This is the introduction to most magickal traditions as it incorporates all four parts, vibration, intention, breath, and visualization towards your personal evolution. We will break down the parts to the meditation, its history, correspondences, and why it is important and helpful to practice for everything in your life.
This is a beginner level understanding and application for breathwork, toning, and visualization for healing, grounding and stability in your life. It is an immediately useful tool to help alleviate stress and develop your heart and mind for soul growth.

Maestro Rev. Brien Egan CRM, CKRM, CHT has been a teaching and practicing Reiki, Raku Kei Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki master for over 20 years and has taught many students. He is also a certified special education teacher and has done energy work and also taught reiki to children and families through his summer camps he created and ran. He is an author, certified hypnotherapist, a Usui reiki master, Raku Kei reiki master, Karuna reiki master, Holy fire reiki master, a maestro shaman from the Shipibo lineage of Peru, pranic energy worker, crystal bowl sound healer, EFT practitioner, Quantum touch practitioner, Sedona method practitioner, chakra cleansing teacher, qi gong teacher, an Ordained minister from the Essene New Life Church, founder and head pastor of the Ascenzion World EcoCampus, has his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Special Education and is the director of the Sound Healing Conservatory. He has been practicing and teaching spirituality for over 22 years. He has done a lot of work with children, families and individuals by leading workshops, classes and through individual or group sessions. He also designed and ran a kid’s spiritual summer camp for 13 years which taught children many quantum physics and spiritual concepts, meditation and mindfulness practices.

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