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Rev. LaKota OneHeart - Guest Speaker

April 21, 2024

11:00 AM

Rev. LaKota OneHeart - Guest Speaker
Rev. LaKota OneHeart

Freewill Donation

Our guest speaker’s description for her presentation is simple, yet profound—”We must live beyond fear.”

LaKota OneHeart, also known as “Elk With No Horns” or “Buffalo Woman Comes Running,” is of Abanaki, Mic-Mac, French and Lakota descent. She is a Sun-Moon Dancer, Spiritual Dance Leader, Spiritual Advisor, Medicine Wheel Healer and Spiritual Artist, whose art expresses her own medicine walk. Her Medicine Wheels, Dances and Readings are about peace, self healing and healing for the world.

LaKota OneHeart does not teach traditional Native American Ceremony; she teaches as a minister from her own life experiences, teaching and sharing her visions with all who come. Her workshops cover a wide range—from Native American crafting (drums, rattles, dream catchers, etc.), to Aura Reading. She presides over weddings, house, business and land blessings. Her sacred ceremonies and teachings are neither bought nor sold. They are a gift to be received, for which the student makes an offering. Donations cover administrative expenses and contribute to international work for peace.

Also, LaKota OneHeart has three Black Belt Degrees: first degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and Sampi, and third degree in Kyoshin Kan Shorin Ryu, with the title of Shi-Ko-Ni. She is a certified instructor in two styles and is a Reverend in the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved Blue Buffalo.

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