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Working with Altered States to Advance Your Mediumship

December 2, 2023

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Working with Altered States to Advance Your Mediumship
Rev. Rosemary Calderalo


All mediumship involves altering one's perception and state of mind to access other vibrational levels of information, from simple message work to trance. Through discussion and practice, students will have the opportunity to reexamine their own process and to experiment with achieving deeper connections.

The Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo is an ordained minister through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, and holds the NSAC credentials of certified medium, commissioned healer and National Spiritualist Teacher. She serves on the NSAC Board as treasurer. Her focus on healing first brought her to a Spiritualist church in 2006. She is also a graduate of the mediumship program at the Inner Spiritual Center in Fairfield, NJ, where she now serves as a tutor and works with non-profits on resource development currently in the role of Director of Advancement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Rosemary holds a doctorate in adult education and teaches spiritual development, mediumship and healing classes and currently serves as the ISF General Secretary. She is a member of the Church of Peace, an online NSAC church based in Wisconsin. Rosemary is passionate about Spiritualism and the power it has to bring joy and learning to our lives and in her work seeks to support others on their paths of exploration.

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