It is our tradition at The Memorial Spiritualist Church to have fresh flowers at our Altar for both our Sunday and Wednesday Service.  

We invite you to remember your family, friends, and other loved ones with a donation towards our flowers. Flowers on the altar of The Memorial Spiritualist Church may be made in memory of, in honor of, or in thanksgiving for a family member or friend. The cost of the Donation is just $35.00 if paid by check and $38 if paid by credit card or PayPal.  Must have the request two weeks prior to the event.


Many people have special days in the year which they commemorate. Flowers on the altar of the Church can mark an anniversary or may be used as an expression of joy of thanksgiving at any time.

When flowers are given in thanksgiving or as a memorial, a special prayer is offered and an announcement printed in the Bulletin for the Church. Anyone may give flowers at The Memorial Spiritualist Church for any Sunday desired. If more than one gift is received for a Sunday, the additional money is placed in the general Flower Fund. 

Please help keep the Fresh Flowers in our Church with your donation.  


        Thank You!

$35 Cash or Check donation mailed to Church

$38 Pay Pal or Credit Card donation