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Rev. Lelia Cutler


Rev. Lelia E. Cutler is a Certified Medium, a National Spiritualist Teacher, and past President of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Spiritualism is a Religion and Philosophy of life and Rev. Cutler has been involved in Spiritualism for over 40 years. She was ordained as a minister by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in 1988 and served on the National Board of NSAC for 15 years.

In addition to having served as President of NSAC, Rev. Cutler teaches classes in Meditation, Mediumship, a series of classes on Comparative Religion, classes on Healing, Symbolism, Spiritual Regression and Biblical Spiritualism. She also leads workshops in Public Speaking and Platform Decorum. Rev. Cutler enjoys singing and playing the piano.​ Lelia is a retired Vice President from the banking industry.

Contact Information:

757-622-5070 Church

Rev. Lelia Cutler
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