2018 NSAC Convention Delegate Report 

                      The 126th NSAC Annual Convention was again held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jan and I drove from our home in  Florida to  attend and next time we'll fly - too hard on this old body.

   The committee reports were received with little discussion except for the budget-we added $30,000 to make repairs on NSAC office in Lily Dale, NY and the Ethics committee's proposed Code of Ethics which failed. All the bylaw amendments proposed by the Bylaws committee passed except for proposal 2 which would have raised the per capita fees to $30.00 because the camps already pays other fees and proposal 3 was amended to charge a per capita of $20.00 vice $30.00. Three new proposed amendments relating to decrease the board from nine to seven failed. Resolution 1 Google Suites Nonprofit Code adaption was returned for modification. Resolution 2 NSAC Child Care Awareness and Resolution 3 NSAC Credential Worker Background Card were accepted, 3 with caveats.

                 Lifetime Service Awards were rewarded to Rev, Marilyn Awtry,  Spiritualist Church  of Awareness, Winter Haven, FL, ,and Reverends John and Joyce Young, The Third Spirit of Life Spiritualist  Church, Byron, Minn. The Outstanding Performance Award was presented to Steven J. Vogel, The  Center for Spiritual Enlightment,  Falls Church, Va.

             The biggest surprise was news that the Lily Dale Assembly voted to disassociate itself from NSAC and did not pay their dues. No reasons were given and they have hired a lawyer. If they do it ,all their property revert to NSAC AS agreed to in their original charter, which if they take it court could cost both side thousands in legal fees. Our lawyer, Jeff Lucas and President Krithades are keeping a close eye on this event.

              Our President Kristine Krithades  and Board Member June Kilmer were reelected to another 3 year term and  Reverend Stacy Kopchinski replaced Reverend James Ehrhart.  Stacy will bring youth and energy to the board we thank James for his dedicated services over the years.

    The 2019 convention will again be held in Milwaukee before shifting to Houston. Thank you for choosing me to be our delegate, it was nice renewing old acquaintances.


                                                              James F Watson