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Opening up to Spirit
Psychic Development Workshop

with Cinnamon Mancini
February 13, 2022
12:30 - 2:30 PM

In this workshop we will discuss the value a daily meditative practice makes with your relationship to the Spirit world.  We will begin our workshop with a guided meditation - some background on the Hindu Chakra system is encouraged as we will utilize this age old system to enter the Spirit world.

During the meditation we will meet with loved ones, guides, master teachers, or our angels.

We will spend time out of meditation in discussion for the purpose of understanding how the Spirit world is communicating with us.

Purpose of the workshop
              * to deepen our relationship with the Spirit world
              * to understand the predominant sense and secondary sense that Spirit is communicating thru

This workshop is designed for the beginning to intermediate student.

The cost is $20.00. 
To participate in this workshop:
1. Go to and/or come in person on the day of the event and pay $20.00.
2. Email your receipt to This can either be the receipt you receive in your email or you can copy and paste the confirmation from PayPal.
If you need any help with making your payment, email
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Cinnamon Mancini is a Nationally traveled Spiritualist Medium and Teacher of the Intuitive Arts. The still small voice of Spirit connected to Cinnamon from birth, however, it was the experience of a major stroke at the age of thirty-two which pushed Cinnamon from a desired profession in nursing onto her path as a Spiritual Medium. Following the stroke Cinnamon experienced a prolonged re-learning process, and it was during this time Spirit’s loving, and directive guidance led Cinnamon to, not only a miraculous full recovery, but left her with a deep and everlasting relationship with the Spirit World. Cinnamon acknowledges that the insight, perception, and sage wisdom the Spirit World continually offers to those in need is a true gift to experience; and one that she feels both honored and blessed to be the presenting medium. Although the school is presently on a hiatus, Cinnamon's greatest joy is the center she co-founded with Spirit in Virginia Beach, Virginia. At Spirit’s direction the The Center for Progressive Movement is a place where some of today's best and brightest mediums, psychics, and healers from around the world have come to share the truth that we are more than our physical bodies, and that there is more to life than this one.

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