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Board of Trustees

President - Teri Johnson

Vice President - Ken Peterson

Teri Johnson.png

I have been practicing mediumship since I was three years old. My first clairvoyant experience was at the age of three, after my father passed away. I saw what he was doing on the other side of life and was able to voice it to my family. Since then I have studied psychic development and teach ongoing classes. I am also an A R.E Certified Life Coach and enjoy guiding people on their life journey. I have a 30-year career in nursing and have witnessed and helped people transcend to the spirit world. I have had the pleasure helping many with my energetic healing abilities.

As a psychic medium, my role is to provide a connection between you and the world of Spirit. Sometimes this includes bringing through evidential information from your deceased loved ones to prove the continuity of life. Other times it is to bring through guidance from your higher self and/or guides and angels. The sessions are meant to be uplifting, healing and life affirming. Sessions can be for assisting with the process of grief or for guidance with everyday life.

Secretary - Janie Brazier

Treasurer - Jill Webster

Trustee #1 - Stephanie Dukes

Trustee #3 - Vacant

Trustee #4 - JoAnne Powell

Trustee #5 - Vacant

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