Psychometry is one of many forms of scrying – or, in non-psychic terms, a way of seeing something that cannot typically be seen. Psychometry relies on touch and tangible, physical objects.

Psychometry is reading the energy of a physical object. The reading you will usually get will have to do with the object’s history. It might be: images, smells, emotions, sounds, and any of the other senses associated with memories and feeling
The object will have its own history and will also give you an idea of the history of its owner.
Most psychometrists, especially in the beginning, have to hold the object in their hands to be able to read it. Further down the line, you may be able to sense or read the object without ever having to hold it at all.
For small or lightweight objects, it is best to hold them in your hands until your skills improve. For huge or heavy objects, simply placing your hands on the item should be enough. As long as you are comfortable and relaxed, these readings should be easy and fun.
Psychometry has also been referred to as clairtangency, psychoscopy, and token-object reading, but psychometry is the most common term.

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