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Psychometry Workshop

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You don’t need a magic wand or a crystal ball to learn the bewitching art of Psychometry to jumpstart your psychic gifts. 

Rev. Kathleen Cribb will guide your vibrational experience on March 27th starting at 12:30 PM


The Memorial Spiritualist Church.

Wear your jewelry and bring a piece or two from a spirit loved one.  It is very important that you know a lot about the spirit because you will need to recognize him/her when another class attendee is speaking. 

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If you don’t wear jewelry, put your keys in your pocket.  We can touch into your unique energetic vibration from them too.  This should be a lot of fun so plan to laugh and plan to be amazed!  It only cost $20, so bring a friend.

Rev. Kathleen Cribb is a psychic medium, Spiritualist minister, playwright, motivational speaker and teacher. 

She lives in Palmyra, VA, performing private readings, working with camps & churches on the East coast.  She is a beloved spiritual teacher.

To participate in the workshop:

1. Go to or come on the day of the event and pay $20. 2. Email receipt to This can either be the receipt you receive in your email or you can copy and paste the confirmation from PayPal.

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