Rev. Elaine Hagar

Memorial Spiritualist Church
307 West 37th Street
Norfolk, VA 23508-3702
October 25 - 27, 2019

Reverend Elaine S Hager, National Spiritualist Teacher (NST)

Elaine is Ordained through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).  She is also a Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer, and NST.  She is a long time member of the Morris Pratt Institute (MPI) and serves as a Trustee on the Board, on the Education Committee and the Bylaws Committee.  Her latest appointment with MPI is Chairperson of the Policies and Procedures Committee.  Elaine has served as a guest instructor during the two week Ministerial Skills Course, a required course for those who aspire to become Ordained through NSAC.   


In service to the NSAC, Elaine is Chairperson of the code of Ethics Review Committee.  For the last few years she has Chaired the Sergeant At Arms Committee at the NSAC annual conventions.  Elaine enjoys traveling and has taught various workshops throughout the United States both in churches and on a national level.  This year she became an NSAC appointed Missionary.


Getting to Know Elaine

Elaine retired 3 years ago from her life long career of working with thoroughbred horses.  She is a lover of all animals.  Presently, when home in Ocala, FL, she volunteers her time helping train dogs.  She is passionate about education, loves to learn and pass it on...Spiritualism provides that platform.

Elaine says, "I cannot imagine how difficult life would be without knowing about the continuity of life and all the rest that Spiritualism has to offer.  I want to share this with others so that they took can experience the gifts of Spiritualism."

Friday, October 25, 2019:

Message Circle 

Time: 7:30 PM 

Cost: $20 per person

Saturday, October 26th

Workshop - Mediumship Demystified

Time: 1 - 5 PM

Cost: $60 per person

Sunday, October 27th


     Time: 11:00

     Cost:  FREE

Private Readings

     Time: 1 - 5 PM

     Cost: $25 for 15 minutes

              $45 for 30 minutes 

Call the church at (757) 622-5070 for Message Circle and Workshop reservations and Private Reading reservations 

Please add $3 convenience fee when paying with PayPal  and add class name under special instructions.

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