Reverend Stacy Kopchinski is CM, CH, NST with the NSAC. She is also  a trustee on the board of NSAC .She is passionate about Spiritualism, always looking to serve people and Spirit.

September 7th, Saturday, 1-3pm

Finding the Evidence in Mediumship: Using what you already know to Advance your Evidential Mediumship Workshop: In this workshop we will work on Evidential Mediumship with things that you the medium already know. Evidential mediumship is the proof of continuity of life, we as mediums sometimes get to caught up in our own minds or thoughts. In this workshop we will learn techniques to produce evidence by letting spirit use things that we already know, things we see every day, and knowledge we already have obtained. Spirit is just as excited to prove continuous life as we are, so we will work together to produce that evidence.  This is a hands-on workshop with practice.  $20 per person


September 8th, Sunday,1230-300pm

Signs and Symbols: Sign, Signs, everywhere signs! Do you see them? We are always receiving signs from Spirit but do we know what they mean? Though dreams, visions, and literally street signs we are being guided. Are you paying attention? And if you are paying attention do you know what they mean? In this workshop we will look into and practice symbolization in our lives, through mediumship and intuition. Dreams, Numbers, Animals, Songs and more, let us look into all the ways we are being guided.    $20 per person

Private readings availability sat  sept  7, 2019.  30 min sessions 930am until noon cost $30

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