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Mark your Calendars - Guest Speaker

Rev. Rosemary Calderalo

Message Circle December 9th

Lectures Sunday November 17th

Rosemary is an ordained Spiritualist Minister and holds the National Spiritualist Teachers degree. She is a Certified Medium, a Commissioned Healer and an NSAC Missionary.

Spiritual Healing Class, Sunday, December 10th

12:30 pm till 3pm 

               Donation $20 

Rosemary will be teaching spiritual healing. Spiritual healing, recognized in many ancient religions, has been a principle of Spiritualism since its beginning. Today, on a national basis, evidence is growing in the medical community of the importance of spiritual healing to the cure of the individual in need. Evidence is growing that the whole person needs treatment, not just the illness. Once you have taken this course, your will be considered a "Student Healer" and will be able to offer healing at the Church. 

Please don't miss the chance to come hear this wonderful,
knowledgeable speaker and healer.


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