Tarot Card Class

By DD Delaney

November 4th and 18th

10am till 3pm

$100.00 payable on the 4th

DD is a Norfolk actor, writer and Tarot card reader, who will share the basics of Tarot card understanding and interpretation in a two-part workshop. The workshop will be 5 hrs each Saturday with breaks as needed.

Delaney states "Like most people I picked up a deck of Tarot cards looking for answers to certain pressing problems in my life". That was forty-eight years ago. "As it turned out" he says, Tarot was the answer."

In 1975 Delaney and his wife, Jala Magik took a Tarot class at a week long Spiritual Frontier Fellowship conference in Elizabethtown College in PA. The teacher was a trained psychologist, Rusty Smith Carnarius, whose ideas, both practical and spiritual still fundamentally influence Delaney's approach to the cards. 

"First and foremost," Delaney says. "they are keys to understanding just about any puzzling circumstance in your life, positive or negative. They don't solve problems, but they can provide a strategy to get through them safely." 


Fee for the workshop is $100, payable on Nov 4th. Students should bring a notebook and pen and a deck of Tarot cards. There are many good decks, but the preferred cards for this workshop are the Waite-Rider-Smith.  


Please sign up for these workshops in advance, at MSC, or send us an email to register.


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