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Special Announcement

Happy News!!

We have opened the church for the first time since March 2020.  Come and join us.  Look at the calendar to see who is lecturing each week and other activities we are having at the church. 

We ask those who have not been vaccinated to please wear a mask.

There will be a hand sanitizer station and if you are a hugger we ask that you ask permission first.  

Don't forget your financial support is needed to keep the church services and building operational. 

You can send your donation to the address below or send money through PayPal at

The Memorial Spiritualist Church

307 West 37th Street

Norfolk, VA 23508-3702

Please call the office to schedule yourself for any workshop or private reading. Also be sure to check out our Facebook events. You can always pay in advance using our "Donate" Button and just designate what you are registering for.                                                                  
757-622-5070 (Office)
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