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About Us

We are a friendly place to experience healing, awareness, and positive inspiration for Living in the World today.

We are a place of Love and No judgement as you travel in your own Life's Journey. Every Service includes a time for healing, along with an inspirational Life Message and a Greeting from the Spirit World.

It is always comforting to know that our Loved ones are watching over us and are sending us messages to let us know they are around us. 

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Our Church

We are one of the only two Churches Sanctioned by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in the state of Virginia.

Our Ministers

Meet our Ministers

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Our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of the elective officers of this organization which is the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurers and four Trustees. 

Our Mediums

Mediumship - communication with spirits - is one of the foundation stones of Spiritualism. Mediumship enables us to prove the "continuity of life" - that we live on after death - by demonstrating that we can communicate with, and identify, our loved ones in spirit.

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