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Margie Furman-Juda

Trustee #3 of the Board of Trustees

Margie Furman-Juda is an Occupational Therapist (OT) who provides and supervises OT services in a school-based setting. She began her spiritual journey alongside her family who are embraced with an ancestry enriched by Mediums, Mages, Sages, Healers, musicians, and artists spanning across continents. Her two children who are equally embraced with the family's ancestral gifts continue to create and expand their spiritual path. Upon visiting The Memorial Spiritual Church, Margie has has expanded her path in becoming a member and serves as a trustee on the board. She is an empath and healer and continues to be in pursuit of her own spiritual growth.

Contact Info: 

757-622-5070 Church

Margie Furman-Juda
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