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Message Circles

July 13, 2024

7:30 PM

Message Circles
Teri Johnson, Ken Peterson


Message circles are a popular practice in spiritualism where a group of individuals come together to receive messages from spirit guides, angels, and departed loved ones. In a message circle, each participant is given the opportunity to receive a personal message from a spiritual communicator through a medium.

During the message circle, each participant is given a designated amount of time, typically between 5-10 minutes, to receive a message from the spirit world. The medium will ask the spirits to provide a message for each individual, which may come in the form of a vision, a feeling, or a direct communication.

Participants are encouraged to remain open-minded and receptive during their turn, as the messages they receive may be unexpected or unfamiliar. It's also common for participants to share their messages with the group after their turn, as this can lead to further insights and connections between individuals.

Ken Peterson, Teri Johnson, and Alexander Kostakis are three different mediums who participate in our Message Circles. Each of them likely has their own unique style and approach to mediumship and may receive messages in different ways or from different spirits. You will receive 3 different readings for just $20

Overall, the experience of receiving messages from these mediums in a spiritualist circle can be a powerful and emotional one, providing comfort and closure to those who have lost loved ones.

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