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The Memorial Spiritualist Church is one of the few churches which was built as a spiritualist church and has been continuously used for that purpose for over 76 years.  


The church was organized on October 13,1938 and chartered by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in May 1939, and then known as the First National Spiritualist Church.  


Upon name changes, a charter in the name of Memorial Spiritualist Church was granted on April 5,1945 and in the name  of Christian Metaphysical Chapel on October 30,1964.


On December 1, 1991, the name was changed back to The Memorial Spiritualist Church through the presentation of a new charter by NSAC President Joseph Merrill in a special service.

Church's Description

​The church is located on the corner of Llewellyn Avenue and 37th Street in Norfolk, Virginia and is the “mother” church of many of the other metaphysical churches in the area.  Most of the individuals who have expanded their knowledge and opened other churches in the Tidewater area are former members or friends of MSC.  The church building has undergone many changes over the years, including the installation of stained- glass windows with a different flower adorning the center of each.  An antique stained-glass window ( circa 1830’s) has also been donated and installed behind the podium in the chapel, creating a beautiful setting for services. 

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